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What To Do Before Calling For Tech Support

Preventing problems in the first place and general troubleshooting before calling for Tech Support from your IT vendor can save you down time AND money. Why call us to plug in a power cord? This may seem obvious to you, but it isn’t to everyone. The following recommendations are basic tools for you to use to a) prevent problems on your network and b) troubleshoot problems that have an easy ‘fix’ and do not require the skills of a technician.

General Maintenance

  • Clean equipment as needed. Using a damp (not wet) cloth, gently wipe down equipment. Some equipment, such as computers, have a fan which cools the item. Unfortunately, it also pulls in dust, animal hair, and anything else in the vicinity. If too much debris builds up on the fan, it will stop working resulting in overheating and eventual harm to the computer. Key boards on computers or the dial pads of phones can be wiped and/or cleaned using a compressed air blower or dust remover. The Jelly Donut Syndrome is prevalent on phone key pads and is the result of sticky fingers (those donuts were delicious!) leaving residue on the key pad.
  • Get recommended updates.

General Troubleshooting

  • Check fuses. You may have lost power due to a storm
  • Check battery back-up. If it is beeping, it means it needs to be replaced. And don’t forget – the battery backup does not last forever. If you have more equipment plugged into it then is recommended, its life will be shorter. It will also be shorter if there have been lots of ‘hiccups’ and power outages.
  • Check power supply. Is the equipment plugged in? This includes the surge protection, battery, computer, phone, etc. Is the connection loose? If the connection is not secure, a minor touch could momentarily interrupt the power supply resulting in lost data (if it is the computer connection) or lost caller (if it is the phone)
  • Check the temperature of the equipment or room. Your network works harder under hot or warm conditions. As an example, this is why your computer comes with a fan. Telcom closets that are large will have their own AC system. This is generally not needed for smaller businesses. Place your laptop on a hard service when in use (not a pillow). This allows the fan to do its job.
  • Check all connections.
  • Re-boot the computer.
  • Ensure that the phone is plugged into a phone jack (voice) and computer is plugged into the data jack.
  • If your phone is not working, try plugging a different phone that is working into the same outlet. If this phone is not working, chances are there is a problem with the cable or service provider. If this phone works, chances are there is a problem with the phone.
  • If all else fails, call your service provider or vendor to determine the best solution.

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