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Choosing The Best Anti-Virus Software For Your Company

Anti-virus technology has been available to organizations for almost two decades. The evolving nature of viruses has required the technology to evolve rapidly as well. In the early days it was acceptable to provide reactive, signature-based solutions that were capable of “keeping up” with the virus development effort. Today’s zero-day attacks have required anti-virus vendors to deliver new techniques and methodologies to mitigate the risk of infection to your computers.

With the number of vendors who produce anti-virus software, the growing complexity of the threat and the speed at which viruses can propagate it can be difficult deciding which anti-virus solution to choose. All anti-virus software solutions perform essentially the same function, so your decision may be driven by recommendations, particular features, availability, or price.

Virus infections are financially damaging and include:

1. Identity theft/fraud
2. Loss of data
3. Network / System outages
4. Loss of machine control

Common ways of getting a virus:

1. From a software, program or file that you have recently downloaded
2. From a an infected removable drive that you have plugged into your PC
3. From pop ups from various websites
4. From an email received and opened
5. Or simply from infected sharing folders on a network.

The use of any anti-virus solution is better than none at all. Many selection criteria exist that will help you narrow down your vendor choices and make a better decision for your organization.

Effectiveness/Coverage: What threats does the solution eliminate? Does the solution address the immediate concerns of zero-day attacks while maintaining a legacy database to avoid the re-introduction of known viruses?

Performance: Does the solution consume resources that impact your users in order to meet fast scanning requirements or operate in the background to minimize the impact on your users. Is the scanning configurable to achieve a balance between speed and security?

Environmental fit and usage: How well does the anti-virus utility conform to the platform, operating system and application environment that you have created for your organization? Are your computers “off-line” or “on-line” most of the time? On-line systems require more vigilant approaches and suites that deliver real-time monitoring; automated deployment and updating, central alerting and
reporting and other advanced features will dramatically reduce your operational costs over free or low cost tools.

Deployment: Does the solution require each desktop to be deployed by an administrator as a manual or custom scripted management task or can the solution be automatically deployed to the known desktop inventory?

Ease of Use: Can the solution be centrally configured to perform its scanning, alerting, remediation and reporting tasks or does each desktop need to be configured? Can user override the setting and potentially disable the scanning process? Does the user need to interact with the anti-virus solution in any way that would distract them from their job?

Price vs. Cost: Does the product have a low entry price that may mask higher operating costs than other products? Does the low price reflect the products stand-alone nature rather than a departmental or enterprise capability?

Support: Being able to get answers to your questions rapidly is fundamental to avoiding or recovering from a virus infection. Look for the availability and remote support from your vendor.

Many independent labs exist that regularly review and publish the results of their testing efforts for the variety of anti-virus products available in the market: www.av-comparatives.orgwww.av-test.orgwww.pcsecuritylabs.net

To find out how your anti-virus software ranks, go to: www.av-comparatives.org

To find out what solution is best for you and your budget contact a Wilson Technology Group representative at: 352-796-9891

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