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The Social Network Threat: Part I

Weak passwords and insecure personal information could put your data (personal and business) at risk. Social networks are designed to facilitate sharing of personal information, and the more data a person discloses, the more valuable he or she is to the service. Unfortunately, these sites have poor track records for […]

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The Social Network Threat: Part II

Weak passwords and insecure personal information could put your data (personal and business)   at risk.    Most social networks have implemented Captchas (a brute-force prevention mechanism) to prevent abuse of their accounts.   On Facebook, after three failed login tries, the user is presented with a Captcha.  Solve it and you get […]

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PHISHING: Avoid becoming a victim

Facts You Should Know Criminals are constantly improving their methods of stealing your personal financial information through fraudulent emails and Web sites designed to appear as though they were generated from legitimate businesses, financial institutions and even government agencies. This criminal activity is known as “phishing.” They are literally fishing […]

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CABLING: You Get What You Pay For

As we become more and more dependent on our technology, it is important that we don’t forget the cabling that this is runs on. We don’t see most cabling so we tend to forget that it exists yet it is the foundation of our network. Low voltage cable installers are […]

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) along with the HITECH ACT (2009) were enacted, in part, to ensure that personal information stored, accessed or processed adheres to a set of guidelines or security rules. We are HIPAA Certified and support our health care clients in transitioning […]

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Disaster Preparedness Planning

Protecting Your Network Getting back to business after a disaster depends on preparedness planning done today. Small business owners invest a tremendous amount of time, money and resources to make their ventures successful, and yet, while the importance of emergency planning may seem self evident, it may get put on […]

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Anatomy Of A Scam

Most business owners know not to check their bank account while using a wireless hotspot at a café or airport, but what about in the privacy of your home or office? Getting hacked can happen there, too. Hackers start by gaining control of your computer through a virus that comes […]

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IP Telephony – The New Phone System

Over the past 100 or so years, telephone lines have been a basic pair of copper wires. We have all grown to accept this as the normal delivery system for telephone service. Gradually over time, technology has had an effect on how phone calls are transmitted over long distances. All […]

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Using Technology to Reduce the Impact of the Family Crisis on Your Business

By: Terry Weaver, MPS, CMC As a business professional are you prepared to meet the unexpected crisis’ of the aging needs of your parents, grandparents and children while at the same time run a business and keep your sanity? If you are a small business owner, the impact on your […]

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Data Security

We have gotten a bit lazy when it comes to viruses, spyware, and other malware. Today, we install security suites meant for residential use on our business network and expect them to stop malicious software from downloads or Web sites, prevent identity theft, spot new or unknown application activity, and […]

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