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Why Email Was Invented

This video is set to holiday music and shows homeowners what their dogs and cats do to mail that is delivered when they are not home. Or, from another perspective, it is why email was invented! Much of today’s communication is via email. Along with this come vulnerabilities. Don’t open […]

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How NOT to Roll Cable

  This catastrophe was caught on security cameras and went viral years ago. I am not sure what the technician(s) were thinking of when they tried to roll a very large cable reel down an escalator but it is definitely NOT the way to transport a reel of cable. Hiring […]

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Telephone Linemen

The History of the Phone Line On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell spoke into the first telephone. Technology has come a long way since then. How It Used To Be Done This video was created in the 1950’s to market the rotary phone when it became popular along with […]

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Security Cameras

Business Security Cameras Today’s security cameras are not what they used to be!  Technology has improved allowing cameras to be both viewed and controlled wireless and remotely. IP Cameras IP (internet protocol) cameras use network based software allowing owners to watch cameras externally. 360 Degree Cameras Three hundred sixty degree […]

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